Position summary

The Children’s Heart Clinic strives to recruit and retain talented and capable nurse practitioners, resulting in a high-performance work force that consistently delivers quality care to our patients.

The Cardiology Nurse Practitioner (CNP) will provide direct patient care services in the Cardiovascular Care Unit (CVCC) for patients who are intermediate (IMC) or step-down status.  Occasionally, the CNP will provide care help in outpatient clinic to see patients who have recently been discharged or who are part of the Home Monitoring Program.  Practice locations may change in the future as the cardiology ambulatory network evolves.

The CNP will:

  • Evaluate patients
  • Conduct physical examinations
  • Order and schedule imaging studies, laboratory studies and procedures
  • Coordinate consultative services
  • Provide necessary medications, treatments and services for quality patient care
  • Provide other care protocols requested by our physicians.

The CNP will participate in morning and afternoon rounds on all IMC patients and is expected to monitor the progress of patients, report progress to the supervising physicians and team, and chart daily on each IMC patient.  The CNP will consult with the supervising physician when the patient’s progress does not meet anticipated and/or predetermined criteria or there are new concerns.

The CNP will provide education to patients and families regarding diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing medical evaluation. The CNP will communicate with families, local physicians, etc., regarding diagnosis, treatment, discharge teaching and follow-up care.  The CNP will document patient workups and summaries, noting pertinent positives and negatives, and write progress notes and other chart entries as needed.

The CNPs will be responsible for the Home Monitoring Program and will help facilitate outpatient appointments as appropriate. As part of our center’s enrollment in the National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Consortium, the CNPs will coordinate enrollment of patients with the research team and enter patient data into the database. They may participate in NPC-QIC conference calls and/or meetings.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Incumbents in this classification have advanced training which allows them to provide specialized pediatric cardiac care on both an episodic and short-term basis supportive of our medical staff.  In addition, they are able to demonstrate flexibility, compassion, and expertise as part of our comprehensive care delivery team.

How to apply

Interested parties should provide an up-to-date resume to:  administrator@chc-pa.org